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Fill Me In

Jul 30, 2019

This week, Ryan and Brian revisit NPL puzzles and learn a little something about the history of the diagramless, but the feature of the day is FOOD! Special guests Laura Braunstein and Ben Smith take us to Foodie Faceoff!

Jul 23, 2019

This week, Ryan and Brian discuss flats, cats, and hats (except maybe not hats).

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Jul 16, 2019

This week, Ryan and Brian talk metapuzzles, 20-sided dice, and argue the merits of "live action" Disney remakes (though much of that may have been cut from the episode).

SPECIAL NOTE: This week's Contest Of Now is available via Dropbox, and it's password protected. You have to actually use a password. For real. Here's...

Jul 2, 2019

This week, Ryan and Brian discuss tertiary Muppets, how to make soup, and get a phone call from a runaway groom. Also we may have cut it out of the show, but we were reminded about when Shane Victorino hacked our blog.